We wanted to thank you for your thorough and insightful review along with the sound advice you provided to us yesterday. As you could tell, we were not at all in tune with the legal aspects of the dissolution of our partner’s membership, but now understand the path forward to protect all of our interests. We appreciate your candid explanations, actionable recommendations, and patience. We have made no better investment than your counsel—thank you again.

Thank you for everything. You are dedicated to your profession and a tireless worker who I’m glad to have working for us. You have ALL my respect and gratitude.

Thank you for all you did for us. Most of all, thank you for thinking ‘out of the box’ to a quick resolution of our legal problem.

Best wishes to you in your pursuit of excellence in your practice. I was honored to be a small part of your business.

It is a pleasure to have done business with you, and hope that we can team up again in the future.

You worked so hard and put so much energy and enthusiasm to bring out the best outcome.

Over the years, I have worked with Maria on many projects that benefit the Finance Department, the College of Business and the University in our pursuits to excellence and recognition. I have always found Maria to be passionate about her teaching career, her law career and the students' education. She conducts  herself with a high level of professionalism and integrity in all she does and has earned the respect of colleagues in the Department and throughout the College. I know of no other person more deserving of an honor.

Her integrity is above reproach and over the years, I have come to respect and value her forthright opinions, as they have been a foundation to mold my future endeavors. Her humility and understated demeanor keep her out of the limelight, which she prefers. However, I feel she rightfully deserves recognition on behalf of her work for her, me, and her other successful Clients.  Maria is devoted to her career and her Clients. No matter the situation, she makes herself approachable and accessible leading me to value her not only as my Lawyer but as my confidant, in the true spirit of her profession; a Lawyer and a Counselor.

I have the pleasure of working with Maria in the representation of Corporate/Business Clients from different industries. In the scope of this dual representation, I have come to respect Maria's strong work ethic, as well as her loyalty to her profession and her Clients. These attributes are most evidenced by her Clients' undeniable respect and confidence for Maria's counsel and integrity. She leads in both legal and financial business matters with a strength that gives assuredness to owners and shareholders alike.  As Corporate Counsel to these entities, she has proven her abilities from their inception by presenting the pathway for successful expansion.  If I had to describe Maria to a potential Client, I would say she is an entrepreneur herself, and her success is driven by a desire to make others successful in their business as well. Not one for the limelight, her talent for achieving success is known to those who seek her out, and their success tells not just their story, but behind the scenes, her own. 

Congratulations on all these accomplishments! I can't think of anyone more deserving!