Executive Summary

Maria LoRusso, J.D., M.B.A. (Finance)

Maria LoRusso

At the intersection of Law and Finance, lies my role as a Corporate and Business Law Attorney and Counselor at Law. This dual role has paved a road for me, less traveled by most in my profession, to establish a ‘niche’ positioning myself to counsel my Clients as an In-House Attorney serves a large corporation. The creation of business entity structures, development of economic and financial strategies that successfully integrate and coordinate the management of business deals, analyze contracts and leases, manage litigation, advise CEO’s, CFO’s, tax professionals, banking/investment and insurance representatives, into the infrastructure of a new or existing business, are the skills that draw Clients to my Law Firm. An entrepreneur myself, I understand, the enthusiasm that motivates business success, respecting that while a business owner is the driving force behind their business’ success, they rely on my Counsel to integrate these aforementioned key components into the infrastructure of their business.

As a Business Attorney, my job is to handle proactively, the legal and financial issues particular to Clients’ practices and industries, leaving them to devote the maximum amount of their time and energy to their passion. Navigating business development, stability and growth requires the skills of an experienced Business Attorney whose knowledge, vision, experience and proven success can make those roads feel seamless. My Law Firm represents businesses of varying sizes, in wide array of industries, and individuals holding professional licenses. These businesses all began in the entrepreneurial spirit; some as start-ups under my direction and Counsel, others sought out my experience and advice for entity re-structuring or as established businesses ready for expansion and diversification.

Since 1987, I have served as an Assistant Professor of Practice in Finance for the University of Texas in San Antonio. I have received merit acknowledgement for my role in academia while serving as a professor and mentor. This position has allowed me the opportunity to remain current in the financial industry, while applying that knowledge to my Law practice advising Clients on financial and economic trends that shape industry. Advances in the investment arena combined with my legal experience, provide a value to Clients in structuring, developing and growing their business. This value-based approach to legal services has a built in equity benefit for the Client as they see their business not just from a legal structure and operations viewpoint, but, more importantly, as an investment in their future. Creating financial management programs, stock structures, investment opportunities, are some of the services provided by my Law Firm that sets me apart from other business law firms in the industry.

Legal representation, business and financial Counsel are essential resources for every business owner. Combined, they simulate the road map and compass by which a business owner navigates their unique course to travel a successful journey.