Primary Practice Areas

Concentrated Practice Areas

The Law Firm concentrates in the primary practice areas of, Business and Corporate Law, Securities, and Fashion Law, with an emphasis on the areas of Law that enhance the Firms scope of service that includes; Finance Law, Contract Law, Agency and Partnership, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, and Consulting. My interdisciplinary background in Law and Finance enhances the inherent value of counsel that a Client receives at my Firm, comparative to other business law firms. Advice, strategy and execution in Law and Finance, are investments to any entrepreneur’s future.

Business Law

Business Law

At the core of every deal is a business transaction. Highlighting this core, my Firm handles Business Transactions with an emphasis on; entity selection for all business organizations, corporate formation, business consulting, contract negotiations and structure, document preparation and review, real estate transactions and investment opportunities, corporate tax and finance, Securities Law, banking regulations, labor and employment, investment structure, insurance plan compilation and review, stock and stock option valuation for privately held entities and start-ups, business valuation and financial viability, corporate structure changes; investment principals and strategies for portfolio theory and compilation, securities valuation and transactions, behavioral economics and the psychology of finance and its implications to the business development and investor strategy. In addition to these business transaction services, my Firm also manages document preparation for Buy-Sell Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, Stock Sale and Asset Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Consulting Agreement, Employment Manuals, Business Plans, and Operating and Shareholder Agreements. Intellectual Property, Securities and Secured Transactions are other sectors that my Firm is able to provide direction and assistance.

Corporate Law and Outside In-House Counsel

Corporate Law and Outside <em>In-House</em> Counsel

The Law Firm’s “Strength in Service” to its Clients is the equivalent of an ‘In-House Counsel’ to a large corporation. My Firm’s ‘Outside Counsel’ scope of work includes advising CEOs, CFOs, tax professionals, banking/investment officers, overseeing insurance programs and insurance representatives, analyze legal, economic and financial opportunities in the Clients’ industry and present options for its forecast on growth, development and expansion. Traditionally, this role includes, structuring shareholder programs, debt and equity issuance, asset allocation and diversification for investments options. Manage litigation, structure checks and balances in financial management programs, advise on labor and employment issues, maintain corporate records, and oversee federal and state compliance with foreign registration, all-inclusive with corporate governance. This specialized area of Law also encompasses and requires a working knowledge of Securities Law, Intellectual Property and the financial industry.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Clients with established businesses often come to cross roads seeing uphill challenges in their field of vision, clouded by uncertainty, wondering where the road will ultimately lead. Clients seek out my legal and financial counsel in these circumstances to light a path through the fog; provide an alternative route to understand the economic climate, or simply to pave the way around the rough patch on the road ahead. Changes in economic climate, financial volatility, can adversely affect industries in different ways. My job is to work with a client to ease the frustration of what to do next, seek out ways to veer from the course slightly to weather the storm or change course completely, to explore new opportunities, face new challenges that allow for inspired growth, diversification, and viability.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Cases that I have served as an Expert Witness cases involving, Business, Corporate, and Securities Law, with an emphasis in the Finance discipline. I have also served as an expert in interstate comparisons for the use of derivatives in Employee Stock Options. 

Fashion Law

Fashion Law

Fashion Law is a compilation of many legal specialties but primarily grounded in Business and Corporate Law, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Law and Finance. The uniqueness of design, marketing platform, and introductory presence into the divisional market segments embody both the excitement and challenges that this area of Law presents to a client and the attorney. For me this area of law is a passion, the creation of something from nothing echoes the entrepreneurial spirit, and reveals a creative talent that brings both beauty and joy to those appreciative of its art.

Vogue, the highest rated fashion magazine in the Country, has placed my profile in several issues, including the most widely read, September Style issue.

Fashion, the collaboration between art and fabric to achieve design. A fashion empire, the collaboration between design and business… Every fashion designer needs a business attorney to pattern their future.

Do you see Fashion in your business future?

Fashion Law is a complex area of Law. At my law firm, we guide and counsel clients to understand the industry issues. Our strength in business and corporate law offers comprehensive legal services in those and related areas of law.

Small Business Advising

Maria T. LoRusso, P.C. provides one-on-one counseling with clients in advising small businesses and financial matters. This Law Firm offers assistance with Sole Proprietorships, Business Plans, finances, pending legal matters, and employment matters. In the area of contracts, Maria T. LoRusso, P.C. has experience in Independent Contractor Services, Vendor Contracts, and Employee Manuals. The firm also provides assistance with matters in the area of Commercial Law, financial management plans, business plans, office management procedures, and Texas Workforce Commission compliance programs.

Securities Law

Maria T. LoRusso, P.C. can help you protect your investments by providing you with sound advice in managing your securities and helping you understand the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules and compliance procedures. Maria T. LoRusso, P.C. offers assistance with Sale of Stock and Stock Transfers in both personal portfolios and business/corporate portfolios. Ms. LoRusso has litigation experience in Securities Law as well as an extensive educational background in the area of finance.

Real Estate Law

Residential and Commercial Transactions offered include Deeds of Trusts, Leases, Notes, Liens, Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, Declarations and Covenants, Agreements, Bill of Sales, Riders, Assistance with Plats, Transfer of Title, various other real estate documents, and assistance with understanding Uniform Commercial Code Rules. Our firm also assists consumers with Deceptive Trade Practice claims and Insurance matters pertaining to real property.