The Firm’s Portfolio

Not all Business Law Firms are alike!!

In Finance, the Valuation Principle is a ‘method of comparables’ the present value of future cash flows that a business owner would have to invest elsewhere in the market to replicate the cash flows with similar risk. The enhanced value of service you receive at my Law Firm in comparison to other Business Law Firms reflects my qualifications; an extensive background in Finance both academically and practically, coupled with my legal experience serving Clients in the Corporate and Business arena. Comparatively, few if any law firms provide this type of value in their service. Legal advice and Counsel are intangibles that reflect the built-in equity of me, your Attorney. At my Law Firm, this value is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit, my years’ experience developing my niche, and the highest level of service to my Clients.

The J.D., M.B.A. (Finance) Advantage

My dual career in Law and Finance has served my Clients well! To create and grow a business requires both a strong, legal and financial foundation, targeted steady growth, and a vision for the future. Financial forecasting, preservation of capital tempered with a risk-adjusted model for expansion, allow a business to grow to its full potential. Compliance with changing legal, financial and economic landscape particular to a Client’s industry can present a challenge to any business owner. Understanding the economics of Finance, and the financial implications in Law, are the assets I bring to my Clients as they break from the starting gate ahead of their competition. This grail sets my Law Firm apart from my colleagues. Ultimately, the goal is to navigate my Clients’ success on the road to capturing their entrepreneurial goals.

Continued service as an Adjunct Professor of Finance for the University of Texas in San Antonio, keeps me current in the Finance industry, while constantly developing my niche in the interdisciplinary relationships between Law and Finance.

A Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur myself, I recognize that spirit in my Clients that I possess for myself. The trust and confidence my Clients have placed in me over the years extends to more than just the ordinary preparation of a legal document or equitable resolution of a dispute or larger conflict. It introduces a mindset that encourages, fosters, and instills the determination to explore and expand their vision and their business’ potential. Clients trust my advice and counsel, relying on my experience and proven success to navigate the rough roads while they steer their ambitions to a unique path of achievement.

Each Client is Unique

Each Client is different and each business presents a unique landscape for challenge and success.

The trade-off between growth opportunities and risk tolerance are particular to each individual Client’s passion and perseverance. I respect each Client’s risk aversions and map out a course that reflects their pace and abilities charting their unique road to success.

In my Law Firm, every Client is important, every Client deserves our full attention, regardless of the size of their business, the complexity of their matter, or the roadblocks of their legal conflict, because every Client has the potential to cross the finish line and be a winner.