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My law firm was founded in 1991, with the primary focus on business and corporate law. Since that time, I have provided a quality product and sound advice to Clients, doing business in a wide array of industries; intrastate, interstate and internationally, for those Clients whose businesses touch the geographical boundaries of the State of Texas.

Simultaneously with the founding of my law practice, I began my teaching career as an Adjunct Professor of Finance for The University of Texas at San Antonio. My expertise in the discipline of Finance has allowed me to incorporate into my law practice the mechanisms for growth, income and stabilization that accompany entrepreneurship. It has always been small to medium-sized private businesses, which created the economic foundation of our country, and continues to be that sector that drives economic growth.

My dual career in Law and Finance has served my Clients well. In any business, you cannot achieve a stable level of growth without a proper financial foundation, coupled with a succession plan for tomorrow. Financial forecasting, both short and long-term is essential to realize the growth potential of any business. Compliance with the changing legal and financial landscape in state and federal regulation remains a constant issue for business owners. While their focus remains the viability of the business, they have come to rely on my expertise to guide them in the entrepreneurial aspects of building and strengthening their business.

Since the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009, businesses have been faced with new parameters for industry development and expansion. Changes in the banking and securities laws, have added new dimension to the defiant push against the economic downturn. As a result, the strength to preserve the dreams of business ownership and entrepreneurial spirit continue to remain a challenge for all business owners.

At my Law Firm, I recognize the same entrepreneurial spirit in my Clients that I have always possessed in myself. The trust and confidence my Clients have placed in me, extends to more than just the, preparation of a legal document, or equitable resolution of a conflict. It means acknowledging their comfort to explore and expand their view of their business potential, and assist them to achieve it. Todayís economic climate has fewer opportunities for financing, and investor support, but with the right approach and strategy for implementation, these opportunities can be the lifeline to a Clientís business expansion. Understanding the economics of finance, and the financial implications in law, has set me apart from my colleagues in assisting Clients to meet their entrepreneurial goals.

Have you discovered your entrepreneurial spirit?

Are you ready to put that spirit in motion to reach your full potential and make your vision a reality?

If the answer to one or both of those two questions is yes, I am the lawyer that you need to put that spirit into a plan, and make the dream a reality.

I look forward to working with you!

Very truly yours
Maria T. LoRusso, J.D., M.B.A., A Professional Corporation

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